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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
  Saudi Israelia
Bart, having sex on prom night is as American as our
fifty-first state, Saudi Israelia!

--Bart Simpson’s girlfriend, ten years hence

Saudi Israelia, Saudi Israelia
Stronger, more potent than even Australia
Writers of Simpsons doth dreamt up that quip
Conscious or not, a great Freudian slip

Accurate too, long allies in secret
Cartoonish veracity which they won't admit
True character of twin theocracies
A perfect alliance, they match to a tee

Taliban to left and the right of us too
Fundies each one, Muslim and Jew
(Don’t forget Christians, they’re in on the game
"The Devil is secular!" they wail and complain)

Tel Aviv and Riyadh, then on to DC
Mono-theocracies fill them with glee
A figment you say, for laughs that are cheap?
Sorry to say folks, read 'em and weep

Published then perished one time in Beirut
Documents surfaced their content acute
A green light was flashed from the House of Sa’ud
Straight to Tel Aviv (the Arabs got screwed)

Yallah! said Faisal, Just go right ahead!
Take Gaza! The West Bank! Fill Nasser with dread!
A war will secure the oil trove for me
As well as my family (and also DC)

You'll get the land and we'll get the oil
Progressive forces thus completely embroiled
Those Palestinians? A troublesome crew
Leftist and secular, they must be subdued

Printed quite plainly in black and in white
Faisal gave Israel an eager green light
Just for one day published there in full view
The next day – poof! - gone, the subject taboo

But we all got the picture, the hand in the glove
Israel and Saudi a deep, secret love
How sweetly Abdullah holds hands with the prez
(Arik wished he were there to add his caress)

Tripartite alliance of monotheists
Beating back justice with their bloody fists
A cartoon on Fox, ironic forsooth!
Bart’s prescient prom date has blurted the truth
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