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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
  Olmert and Omerta

Olmert has gone wild with Peretz at his side
They’ve unleashed their bombers, sent death far and wide
The blood freely flows, kids scream out in pain
Olmert sneers, "No problem! We’ve got lots to gain!"

The cement wall grows higher and longer each day
The ghetto's near done! Hallelujah! Hooray!
"Our own Jewish capsule armed up to the teeth"
Olmert's joy is boundless, it's almost complete

Inside its so cozy, well-to-do and so pure
BBQs on the beach, it's an asset for sure
(Oh yeah it's been stolen, but that's yesterday's news
It was in a good cause, to be used just for Jews)

But a fly's in the ointment come to spoil Olmert's show
Hezbollah fights back dealing blow after blow
And way down in Gaza, out of mind out of sight
In spite of the odds, Palestinians do fight

On and on, they'll both go, they never will stop
For justice and freedom, they never will drop
their demands non-negotiable, consistent and just
There's no option before them; they must, yes they must

And what of those alleged US antiwar folks?
Where are they now? Do they care? Have they spoke?
Ah no, my dear friends, they are gelded and mute
In the face of this war, so bloody, so brute

War crimes abounding, increasing each day
Overtly (Olmert-ly) they cause no dismay
Amongst so-called lefties o'er here in the west
They're worried but silent, but they can't pass the test

Of principles, of morals and of dignity too
They've succumbed to omerta, don't care who they screw
It's far more important the silence to keep
"They're like us, protect them! Let bereft mothers weep!"

Race and religion, white privilege doth flow
Through veins hypocritical, a covert quid pro quo
Except that there's nothing to be got in return
For a complicit silence while Palestine burns

Olmert and omerta went out in a boat
To make some real headway, to see if they'd float
But, lo! Out on the horizon, just there 'round the bend
A cloud small but dark; the start of the end
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