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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
  "Human Beings of Another People"
Neo-Zionist Babble in Babel

People always send me articles by Uri Avnery. I never ever post them. Never was a fan — and I didn’t admire his war years [in Lebanon] on behalf of the Israel occupation forces…Avnery reproduces generalizations from The Arab Mind — almost word-for-word.

– As’ad Abu Khalil, The Orientalism of Uri Avnery

Casing the joint
Uri Avnery has long aired his commentary on progressive and pro-Palestinian websites with scarcely a demurral. His generally unchallenged presence on such venues has been puzzling since his commitment to Zionism has been unwavering throughout his long career.[1] In fact, Avnery’s ideology was put in its proper place back in 1971 by Camille Mansour in a PLO publication entitled: Uri Afniri wal-sahyuniyah al-mustahdatha ("Uri Avnery and Neo-Zionism"), published in response to Avnery’s promotion of a two-state solution.

Ah but those were the good old days — before resistance was redefined as terrorism — when there was vigorous discussion amongst Palestinians and Arabs about a single secular democratic state in Palestine, the stated aim of the PLO in 1969. But this bracing discourse was soon buried in a relentless wave of Zionist violence and hasbara that continues unabated to this day to which we must add — sorry folks — the efforts of Avnery and his fellow neo-Zionists so plentiful among western progressives. Although the idea of a single democratic state has recently been oh-so-timidly resurrected the concept has always been viewed with the gravest alarm by Zionists of all religious and political persuasions. And as some of you young ‘uns may not know, in 1975 the U.N. General Assembly passed resolution 3379 that concluded:

"Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination." [2]

Full post available on Dissident Voice on September 17, 2007
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