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Thursday, January 24, 2008
  Something there is that doesn't love a wall

First out went the kids
and women (of course)
To the wall down at Rafah
They were met there with force

That night came the sappers
to cut and explode
The wall crashed right down
They opened a road

Straight out of Gaza
A prison forsooth!
The siege was thus broken
Exposing the truth

That long have the Zios
Been enamored with walls
Which remind them of ghettos
And how cozy they were all

As G-d’s Chosen People
Hidden safely within
No taint from the outside
Was ever let in

So much so that Herzl
Appealed to the Brits:
"We’ll build you wall
Please, I beg you! Commit!

"To a walled state for Jews
The ramparts we’ll man
Protecting white Europe
From hordes barbarian

"An outpost against
Those niggers unwashed
We’ll serve you with zeal
All resistance we’ll quash"

In swaggered Jabotinsky
With a sneer and smirk
"A bayonetted Jewish wall
Will hasten G-d’s work!"

Sharon capped this fond dream
Of the ghetto complete
A cement Apartheid wall
The Palestinians to cheat

Of their land, of their homes
Of their olives and herds
All freedom and justice
In Bantustans interred

But the wall’s now been breached
The precedent’s set
Licking wounds from ‘06
Zios starting to fret

Those walls are now cracking
The Lobby exposed
They’re desperate for two states
Else the Zios'll get hosed

Bobby Frost from New England
Knew whereof he spake
Repellant, inhuman
In the end walls do break
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